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What Is The SME?

The SME, or Speculation Management Engine, is a powerful AI driven analysis tool that combines 39 unique data points including news, athelete performance, team performance, etc. to provide in-depth automated reports. These daily reports and picks are ideal for any sports driven industry or activity such as sports betting, fantasy sports, team drafts, or play simulations.

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Speculative Management Engine – it is our innovative tech that combines risk & capital management with our robust daily line analysis reporter (DLAR) to provide a cutting edge mechanism for sports speculators to get an advantage.

When our expert release edge plays, we send users an email notification and it is in your current plays in your personally configured SME. The quicker you make the play with your sportsbook the bigger the edge.

All plays will include the following information: the teams playing in the game(s), experts play, the amount to bet, the market line at the time we send it out (including juice or vig), “rotation” number, the game time, and any special instructions.

Yes, after we release the plays to our users, our experts bet them with their sportsbooks internally as well. The results of all these plays are posted in real time to provide transparency and accountability.

Although there is not a set amount of bets we will have each day, Aim is always looking for an edge across a variety of sports including sides, totals (half and full game), props, teasers, and futures. Our action is close to daily, year-round. There will also be days where we make recommendations for a game happening in the future (example making a recommendation on Tuesday for an NFL game the following Sunday when the line is better).

The recorded training you will find in your SME under classes Click this link for live classes and a calendar to set up a one on one with one of are experts.

All plays are time stamped and stored in each users SME. Each users SME displays the graded wagers for our experts and the user based on their configuration.

If you reside in a state where sports betting is legal, then there is a growing list of physical and online options. For legal reasons, we cannot recommend offshore or other betting location advice.

Username and password information is CAPS sensitive, so please make sure that you are entering information correctly. If you still have trouble, please contact us.

Aim uses discipline and plays for long-term advantage. If sports wagering has become a problem, we urge you to seek help at 1-800-GAMBLER.

The recorded classes you will find in your SME under classes Click this link for live classes and a calendar to set up a one on one with one of our experts.

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